Bürkle Forum shows W-LED with ICAD™ Technology on 25-27th September

On September 25-27th the Bürkle Technology Center Freudenstadt in Germany will opens the doors for some exciting days about wood processing. We are proud to announce that W-LED with ICAD™ Technology will be demonstrated live during this event.

Let our experiences with UV LED technology guide you

Our 33 years of experiences with UV-solutions has brought our wood curing systems to a whole new level of user-friendliness and performance. Our proprietary ICAD™ Technology is an integrated part of the W-LED. The ICAD™ sensor measures exposure between UV LED and product on the full width, continuously and during production.

This enables more;

  • uptime
  • improved uniformity
  • and more process stability.

See how the technology works

Meet our specialists

On site from Efsen will be Matthias RobischSales Engineer for the Central European market, as well as David Ivarsson our application engineer, who is a specialist in LED coatings. Please make sure you come and visit the Bürkle Forum. And should you be hindered then let us know how we can help you succeed with UV-LED. Contact us at efsen@efsen.dk.

Register today at: forum@buerkle-technologies.com or directly on the website.

We hope to see you at Bürkle Technology Center Freudenstadt!


Get an exceptional demonstration of the superior 3D UV Curing Technology at Medical Technology Ireland in Sept. 26-27th

Meet us at booth no. 3 for a dialogue on how your company’s Vela Technology solution would be.

For the second time in row we are happy to announce, that Efsen UV & EB Technology will be demonstrating the three-dimensional UV curing technology from Vela Technologies at the only med-tech Exhibition and Conference, Medical Technology Ireland in September 26th and 27th.

Our technical specialists will tell you more about the technology from Vela and how it’s ideal for UV bonding and UV curing of three-dimensional products as medical devices, microelectronics and 3D printed solutions. Vela Technology creates a uniform cure on all surfaces 360 degrees around the product. It’s provides a more consistent cure and finished coating with better properties, such as adhesion, hardness and gloss.

The Dose-Control software enables users to document the exposure all the way down to each product manufactured. The medical devices assembly market has already adopted this technology very well, and we are currently seeing a lot of interest from microelectronics assembly and post cure of 3D printed materials.

Read more about the med-tech Exhibition and Conference here.

If you are unable to attend, please contact us to evaluate how you could benefit from this Vela Technology. Contact us here.


We hope to see you at booth no. 3 in September!

MiniCure Chamber with Part inside_efsen engineering

Vela 6UP with catheters_efsen engineering