Visiting Efsen

It is easy to get to Efsen Engineering from the Copenhagen Airport. Visiting Efsen takes approximately 40 minutes by car or 1 hour and 10 minutes by public transportation.

Hotel recommendations when visiting Efsen.

If you want to stay close to our office;
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  • First Hotel Marina Vedbæk - Read more or book here

These two hotels are close to Thomas;

  • Skovshoved Hotel - Read more or book here
  • Gentofte Hotel - Read more or book here

If you want to stay in Copenhagen;
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  • Copenhagen Admiral Hotel - Read more or book here
  • 71 Nyhavn Hotel - Read more or book here

We have made two routes for you, from Copenhagen Airport. One for traveling by car and one by public transportation, see below.

visiting efsen efsen_facilities

Driving by car

If you're driving by car from the Copenhagen Airport (approximately 40 km), the fastest way is by driving along the E20 highway from Sweden until reaching the E47. Then stay on the E47 all the way up to exit 13 - Gl.Holte. From exit 13 - GL.Holte, you will reach Efsen Engineering in about 5 min driving.

See below for more detailed route.

Going by public transportation

If you're going by train, the easiest way is to simply just take the train from the Copenhagen Airport all the way to Vedbæk station (notice, not all the trains from the Copenhagen Airport are stopping at Vedbæk). We will come and pick you up from Vedbæk Station.

See below for more detailed route.