Electron Beam

Electron Beam is a unique technology which often is the hidden secret behind the performance and characteristics of many products we are surrounded by in everyday life. EB is used to cure, treat or modify surfaces of materials. Efsen Engineering has been working with Electron Beam since 1986.

Today and since 2009 Efsen sells and services the BroadBeamTM line manufactured by PCT Engineered Systems LLC, Iowa, USA. The BroadBeamTM line which consists of LE Series, EP Series and CE series, all represents the state of the art of innovative and reliable industrial electron beam systems available today. They are low energy ebeam’s, ranging from 90-300kV machines, used on printing presses, coating and laminating lines.

From 2013 Efsen is also the Nordic distributor of the Comet EBLab. EBLab is a compact high performance unit for laboratories enabling electron beam R&D.

BroadBeams have been successfully applied in many applications, including:
Curing/Drying Ink & Coatings (Paper, Paperboard, Film, Metal)
Curing Silicone Release Coatings
Curing Adhesives (Laminating Paper, Foil and Wood Products)
Crosslinking Plastic Fil
Sterilization of surfaces

BB-LE 1 198x159LE Series

70-175 kV
Medium penetrating capability

EPEP Series

150-300 kV
High penetrating capability

CECE Series

70-200 kV
Medium to high penetrating capability


70-200 kV
Medium to high penetrating capability