Instrument Wipes

New instrument wipes for cleaning of the outer optics on EIT UV radiometers will be available at Efsen during March 2014

EIT radiometers are used to design, measure and control industrial UV applications in a wide variety of locations. The environmental conditions that the instruments are exposed to vary from pristine (medical clean room) to challenging (wood manufacturing facility).

Careful cleaning of the outer optics using the EIT guidelines will help your EIT instrument perform as designed between service and calibration intervals.

The guidelines are general and specific questions should be directed to Efsen at Instruments that stop functioning when accidently dropped, get stuck in equipment or wind up covered or immersed with the product being cured need to come back to Efsen for further evaluation.

About the EIT Instrument Wipes

  • Contain a fast evaporating, mild solvent for cleaning EIT optics
  • Are non-linting and non-abrasive and are packaged in boxes of 50
  • Do not contain any detergents or surfactants to harm the optics
  • Stay individually sealed until used
  • Eliminate any contamination of the cleaning solution from material on the optics, transfer of adhesive from a cotton swab or other lab/production activities using the same supply of IPA

Download Brochure EIT Instrument Wipes

Download Brochure EIT Instrument Wipes - Guidelines

Instrument Wipes for cleaning of optics
Instrument Wipes Usage

New UV PowerPuck II Profiler

Introductory offer for orders received before February 7th, 2014

EIT has developed a new and improved PowerPuck II instrument for measuring UV and UV LED which connects to the computer.

The new PROFILER instruments have several benefits over the previous models and also compared to the PowerMap instrument.

New features for the PROFILER version:

  • USB connection to computer
  • Compares 4 measures in one window
  • Data is shown as graph in one window
  • Modern interface software with PowerView II
  • Two available versions
  •  1) standard version with UVA, UVB, UVC and UVV filters (as previous instruments)
  •  2) UV LED version with UVA2, UVA, UVB and UVV filters (measures UV LED light in 385, 395 and 405nm)

Efsen offers a one time introduction price for the PowerPuck II Profiler and Uvicure Plus II Profiler:

UviCure Plus II Profiler (1 filter):
List price EUR 3.088,-
Promotion price* EUR 2.935,- (5% discount)

PowerPuck II Profiler (4 filters):
List price EUR 5.880,-
Promotion price* EUR 5.292,- (10% discount)

*) Promotion prices are only valid if instruments are ordered on February 7th 2014 at the latest. Instruments will be shipped from Efsen in the beginning of March 2014.

Please visit our PROFILER pages and PROFILER brochure for more information about the PROFILER UV radiometers.

Please contact Julie Boesen by e-mail or phone +45 45 65 02 65 for an official quotation.

New UV PowerPuck II Profiler
PowerView II

New UV PowerPuck II Profiler

The new UV PowerPuck II Profiler radiometer from EIT allows the user to transfer the irradiance profile to a computer via a USB port.

The information from the Puck can then be analyzed on a computer using the new PowerView Software II. The irradiance profile for the Profiler is similar to the PowerMaps – set at 128 samples per second.

The new radiometer operates in the same way as the PowerPuck II in respect to the display and user controls and it has the same size.

The new UV PowerPuck II Profiler can either be purchased as a new instrument or it can be upgraded from the PowerPuck II USB version.

For more information on this new product, please contact Thomas Efsen on e-mail or phone +45 45 65 02 60.

New UV PowerPuck II Profiler

Product Information Update

Release of new UVV filters for EIT instruments

A new and improved UVV filter for the instruments UV PowerMap and UV Map Plus with V-filter has been released by EIT. The new V-filters ensure the UVV filter values to stay within the accepted +-10%, at biannual calibration. We therefore recommend all our customers to have the UVV filter changed in these types of instruments at next calibration and to have EIT instruments calibrated biannually in future.

1. All UV PowerMaps and UV Map Plus V-filter
instruments should be send for calibration
and UVV filter change as soon as possible.

2. PowerPuck and Uvicure Plus II with V-filter
keep their existing V-filters, but needs
calibration every six month in future.

Technical Issues
For further information regarding the UVV filter issue or technical issues, please contact us at or phone +45 45 65 02 60.

Calibration Planning
Please contact Julie Boesen at for a quotation or to plan the calibration and V-filter change of your EIT instrument.

Please note that our calibration department is closed between Christmas and New Year and the next calibration will therefore be performed on Thursday January 5th 2012.

Kind regards,
Efsen Engineering


Karin and Thomas Efsen


Product Infomation Update
Product Infomation Update

Product information Update

UVV filter in EIT instruments

EIT has sent out information regarding the UVV filter in PowerMap and PowerPuck.

Please read our product information update with suggested action in both English and Danish

Efsen product information update (English)

Efsen produkt informationsopdatering (Danish)

EIT Memo (English)

If you have any questions to this update and actions herein, please feel free to contact us.

Kind regards
Efsen Engineering A/S

Karin & Thomas Efsen

Product Information Update
Product Information Update