Let’s introduce ICAD® for UV LED at ICE Europe 12 – 14 March

World’s Leading Exhibition for Paper, Film & Foil Converting will take place from 12 – 14 March 2019 at the Munich Trade Fair Centre in Germany. EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY will be a part of the central meeting point for the international converting industry.

Meet ICAD®

Our ICAD® technology is one of the most important developments for the UV industry. ICAD® is unique. For the first time the groundbreaking technology allows for continuous monitoring of UV output during production. We are proud that the ICAD® technology gives a higher level of process security than the general UV market.

ICAD® enabling inline and automated power level adjustment for a uniform and specific power distribution over the full UV LED array. It offers the benefit of continuous monitoring during production. It increases quality, uptime and reduces the risk of producing waste, all while saving energy and eliminating ozone and mercury.

The ICAD® solution is included in our integrated LED systems, P-LED for the printing industry, ensuring a solution with the best UV LED process control in the market.

Let’s talk UV LED

Visit us at hall A5, stand 1160 and experience exciting exhibition days full of innovations, technology trends, live demonstrations and networking! We look forward to discussion your production and the benefits you will gain with P-LED and ICAD® inside.


Read more about ICE Europe her.

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Meet ICAD®, the solution for ultimate process stability in your UV LED production at Domotex, Hannover

From 11 to 14 January 2019 the Trade Show Domotex in Hannover Exhibition Center will serve as a four-day hotspot for the global flooring and wood industry. EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY will be a part of it when we will demonstrate W-LED curing and our ICAD® technology at WOCA Denmark’s booth.

Our W-LED is a compact ‘all-in-one’ unit that emits UV LED light over a width. Electrical cabinet and air/cooling is integrated, as well as our proprietary ICAD® Technology. The ground breaking unique developed technology and solution for ultimate process stability in your UV LED production, will be shown at Domotex WOCA booth in hall 13, stand B58.

Please make sure you come and visit us at Domotex

Let us know if you want to meet to discuss UV LED. Should you be hindered then let us know how we can help you succeed with UV LED. Contact us at efsen@efsen.dk.

Read more about the Trade Show here.

We enable Safe and High-Quality UV LED production at InPrint, Milan

The only self-monitoring UV LED system to be shown at InPrint, Milan on 20-22 November 2018.

P-LED with ICAD™ will be demonstrated on the booth 138 of Excelitas Technologies, where personnel from EFSEN UV & EB Technology will be available to demonstrate the benefits of ICAD™ technology for your production.

ICAD™ technology is the only full width inline monitoring system that actually measures the UV exposure that targets the product to be cured. ICAD™ does this Inline, Automated and Continuously during production, hence you will have total control of your UV process at any time. This reduces the risk of uncured material and hence your production yield will increase with ICAD™.

We look forward to discussion your production and the benefits you will gain with P-LED and ICAD™ Technology.

Read more about InPrint Italy 2018 here.


Explore ICAD™ at Allnex Customer Seminar Sept. 24-25th

Get a demonstration of ICAD™ at EFSEN’s booth during the Allnex Customer Seminar

Our application engineer David Ivarsson will be available in the Poster Exhibition Hall at the Drogenbos plant during the second day (the 25th September), promoting our ground breaking ICAD™ solution for in-line monitoring of UV and UV LED systems. The ICAD™ solution is included in our integrated LED systems, W-LED for the wood industry and P-LED for the printing industry, ensuring a solution with the best UV LED process control in the market! ICAD™ is unique in that it is the only method to measure the actual output, in real time during production, to tell you what will really reach the substrate.

Ensure your LED formulations has got what it takes

Now with a solid competence in formulation of LED coatings and with experience of ink formulations, EFSEN can help assess production lines to identify how to best transition from conventional UV to modern LED technology. The insight into the constraints and the possibilities of formulations for LED applications, and the ability to clearing misconceptions of the technology helps us to bridge the gap between chemistry and curing equipment, ensuring a smooth transition from conventional UV to UV-LED.

Our ambition is to be able to assist the end user to clear any obstacles, so they can reap the full benefits of the LED technology from day one and continue to do so throughout the long lifetime of the light source.

In practice, this can be done by optimizing the choice of light source, which has been EFSEN’s area of expertise for a long time, and we can now offer formulation consultation, to fine-tune the formulation itself. Practical experience and good relationships with raw material suppliers like Allnex means we can quickly find the components that will be a good fit for your application.

If you are unable to attend, please contact us to evaluate how you could benefit of the ICAD™ Technology. Contact David Ivarsson here.

We hope to see you at Allnex Customer Seminar!


Allnex Customer Seminar 2018_efsen_icad technology_david

Bürkle Forum shows W-LED with ICAD™ Technology on 25-27th September

On September 25-27th the Bürkle Technology Center Freudenstadt in Germany will opens the doors for some exciting days about wood processing. We are proud to announce that W-LED with ICAD™ Technology will be demonstrated live during this event.

Let our experiences with UV LED technology guide you

Our 33 years of experiences with UV-solutions has brought our wood curing systems to a whole new level of user-friendliness and performance. Our proprietary ICAD™ Technology is an integrated part of the W-LED. The ICAD™ sensor measures exposure between UV LED and product on the full width, continuously and during production.

This enables more;

  • uptime
  • improved uniformity
  • and more process stability.

See how the technology works

Meet our specialists

On site from Efsen will be Matthias RobischSales Engineer for the Central European market, as well as David Ivarsson our application engineer, who is a specialist in LED coatings. Please make sure you come and visit the Bürkle Forum. And should you be hindered then let us know how we can help you succeed with UV-LED. Contact us at efsen@efsen.dk.

Register today at: forum@buerkle-technologies.com or directly on the website.

We hope to see you at Bürkle Technology Center Freudenstadt!