The history of Efsen Engineering dates back to 1986, where the company was founded by Karin Efsen with the idea of marketing electron beam curing (EB) in the Nordic countries.

In 1988 a number of other agencies were added with the technology related UltraViolet lamps and UV measuring equipment.

Since then the company has grown and covers all areas within sales, design and construction, service and consultancy within industrial use of radiation.

We are distributors for the following leading equipment manufacturers:

History - Michael Efsen
History - ware house
History - Karin Efsen
History - Ware House

We have a well equipped laboratory with all types and combinations of UV lamps, spectral outputs and power levels along with instruments for the complete process verification available for our customers for tests on site or in our laboratory.

Our goal is to be in the forefront of developments within applications of the UV technology. This knowledge combined with supplying equipment from the leading equipment manufacturers in the world makes our company the best UV & EB  partner for those customers who already use UV & EB  and those who are considering UV & EB.

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