New Innovations in Low Energy Electron Beam (EB) Technology

Efsen is representing the leading EB technology from PCT Engineered Systems, LCC.

PCT is a relatively new player in the field of Low energy Electron Beam equipment. They have also shown that they are a very competent player.

PCT acquired the original BroadBeam technology in 2003. After familiarizing themselves with the customers experiences and needs they have done a solid innovation and design upgrade to the low energy 70-150kV EBeam, leading to the introduction of the LE Series.

The LE Series represents the state-of-the-art in low energy electron beam technology, by having exiting new digital technology and a new approach to integrated websupport and shielding.

For the end-user this means energy savings in the range of 40% over competition and nitrogen savings that are equally significant.

PCT bases their business on the mission statement: "Complete Customer Satisfaction."

This is in line with our business philosophy which has led to 24 successful years serving the market for Electron beam and Fusion UV Equipment.

We are therefore excited to work together with PCT in Europe to market their EBeam success.

Please contact Karin Efsen if you think this is interesting to you.

Terry Thompson and Karin Efsen
Posted in EB.