New UV PowerPuck II Profiler

Introductory offer for orders received before February 7th, 2014

EIT has developed a new and improved PowerPuck II instrument for measuring UV and UV LED which connects to the computer.

The new PROFILER instruments have several benefits over the previous models and also compared to the PowerMap instrument.

New features for the PROFILER version:

  • USB connection to computer
  • Compares 4 measures in one window
  • Data is shown as graph in one window
  • Modern interface software with PowerView II
  • Two available versions
  •  1) standard version with UVA, UVB, UVC and UVV filters (as previous instruments)
  •  2) UV LED version with UVA2, UVA, UVB and UVV filters (measures UV LED light in 385, 395 and 405nm)

Efsen offers a one time introduction price for the PowerPuck II Profiler and Uvicure Plus II Profiler:

UviCure Plus II Profiler (1 filter):
List price EUR 3.088,-
Promotion price* EUR 2.935,- (5% discount)

PowerPuck II Profiler (4 filters):
List price EUR 5.880,-
Promotion price* EUR 5.292,- (10% discount)

*) Promotion prices are only valid if instruments are ordered on February 7th 2014 at the latest. Instruments will be shipped from Efsen in the beginning of March 2014.

Please visit our PROFILER pages and PROFILER brochure for more information about the PROFILER UV radiometers.

Please contact Julie Boesen by e-mail or phone +45 45 65 02 65 for an official quotation.

New UV PowerPuck II Profiler
PowerView II
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