MiniCure 3D

The MiniCure3D is perfect for attaching catheter balloon tips, hubs, etc.

MiniCure 3D Advantages:

  • Full 360° uniform adhesive or coating cure in as little as 5 seconds
  • Uniform, 360° high-performance adhesion
  • Product is bathed in uniform UV light — no rotation or motion required
  • Product stays cool — uniformity means no over-curing
  • Uses single pole light guide; no multiple pole guides to balance, wear out and replace
  • Use either arc lamp or LED spot cure UV source
  • Compatible with all popular spot cure UV sources and light guides, including fiber and liquid filled
  • Repeatable, reliable and stable — fewer operator error opportunities
  • Secure bushings facilitate product positioning
    • Holds assembly for dispensing and curing
    • Sized for variety of catheters; custom sizes availableEasy to clean — just wipe with water or alcohol
  • Easy to clean — just wipe with water or alcohol
  • Inherently safe — no open-framed jigs needed
minicure 3d-1

Ready for product insertion

minicure 3d-2

With product inserted

minicure 3d-3

During cure cycle