Electron Beam (EB)

EB is a unique technology, which often is the hidden secret behind the performance and characteristics of many products we are surrounded by in everyday life. EB technology comprises energy levels from 70keV to 10MeV. Efsen is working in the low energy range (80-300kV) referred to as low energy EB.  This energy range allows penetration of materials in the range up to 400 µ in unit density material. Therefore it is used to treat surfaces by curing inks and varnishes or modifying or sterilizing surfaces of materials. Efsen has been working with EB since 1986.

Efsen is representing ebeam Technologies a division of Comet AG in Switzerland. ebeam Technologies is the technology leader in low energy EB offering both sealed tube ebeam marketed as ebeam Compact (80-300keV), and ebeam Core (70-150keV) which are larger system with own vacuum facilities and ebLab (80-300keV) being a laboratory unit for the development of EB chemistry and applications.

Efsen is responsible for sales & services primarily in the Nordic countries, the Baltics and Poland and specific larger endusers in Europe.

ebeam have been successfully applied in many applications, including:
Curing/Drying Ink & Coatings (Paper, Paperboard, Film, Metal)
Curing Silicone Release Coatings
Curing Adhesives (Laminating Paper, Foil and Wood Products)
Crosslinking Plastic Film
Sterilization of surfaces

ebeam Core

70-150 keV
Medium penetrating capability and high speed

ebeam Compact

80-300 keV
Medium to high penetrating capability and medium speed

ebeam Engines

80-300 keV
High penetrating capability


80-300 keV
Medium to high penetrating capability