ebeam Compact

PCT have created the CE Series EB system that is superbly suited for narrow web installations. The BroadBeam CE Series combines the compact footprint of a COMET E-beam emitter with PCT's patented Integrated Shield Roll.

CE Series (narrow web) Delivers

  • Curing of thick or heavily pigmented inks and coatings
  • Complete elimination of photo initiators
  • In line lamination of opaque materials
  • Low substrate heating
  • Stable Web Support
  • Web Temperature Control
  • Inerting Volume Minimization
  • Easy Access
  • Small Footprint

Narrow Web EB System Specifications

  • Web Width: Up to 400 mm
  • Throughput: 3,000 m/min
  • EB Voltage Range: 70 to 200 kV
ebeam Compact