The EBLab test unit from COMET allows R&D departments to develop and optimize new products or processes and carry out spot checks for quality assurance. It is suitable for a variety of shapes and surfaces and is easy to use.

Key features include the use of COMET’s proven sealed e-beam emitter, a maximum energy of 200 kV and a transport speed of 3 to 30 m/min, allowing doses of up to 800 kGy in one pass. Samples may be up to the size of an A4 sheet of paper and up to 50 mm in thickness. The degree of inerting (nitrogen) can be set at a desired oxygen concentration down to < 50 ppm, which allows researchers to explore the sensitivity to ink or varnish.

User-Friendly, Large Operator's Screen

  • Size: 17" monitor (430 mm)
  • Simple operation
  • Emergency button and warning lamp

Important Features

  • Treatment zone fully inertable with indication of residual oxygen content
  • PLC-controlled with memory function(speed, voltage, entrance dose, beamcurrent)
  • Auto K function
  • Printable test record, download option

Large Voltage Range 

  • 70–200 kV