EP Series

The BroadBeam EP Series is known for its reliability, high performance and "work horse" reputation.

Like all BroadBeams, they employ a series of filament and grid modules to create a continuous shower of electrons across the entire product width. Each BroadBeam is configured to match the customer's needs for product width, dosage level, accelerating voltage and product handling. BroadBeams are self shielded. All of the shielding interlock devices and sensors required for safe operation are included with the machine. BroadBeams are offered as complete, integrated systems. Auxiliary devices matched to the EB system such as exhaust blowers, cooling water control units, motors and drives, and defect marking systems, can also be provided by PCT.

EP Series Specifications

  • Web Width Up to 3300 mm (130")
  • Voltage 150 kV to 300 kV
  • Throughput Up to 15,000 kGy-m/min
  • Dose Uniformity Better than +/- 8.0%
  • Line Speeds Up to 600 m/min
  • Beam Orientation Horizontal, Vertical, or Angled

EP Series Delivers

  • Dependable Operation, less down time and more profit
  • Industry's Best Uniformity, tighter process control
  • The Widest Widths, more application possibilities
  • Engineering Strength, designs to precisely meet your needs
EP Series