The iFLEX-iRIS is a high performance, compact lasers for high resolution applications.

Designed to meet the challenges of high-resolution imaging systems, the iFLEX-iRIS is an extremely stable diode laser source in a miniaturized footprint. Long-term power stability and reliable performance are maintained throughout the product lifetime by automatic closed loop control.

Qioptiq iFLEX laser is ideally suited to meet the demands of life science applications where laboratory space for instruments is limited and exceptional performance is critical. In addition, the modular kineFLEX single-mode and polarization maintaining fibers, allows the laser to be located some distance away from the sample, in an easily accessible, safe location.

Applications benefitting from the features of the iFLEX-iRIS include flow cytometry, microscopy, dynamic light scattering, high-throughput screening and surface inspection metrology.

iFLEX-iRIS Features:

  • Highly stable output
  • Low noise
  • Integrated electronics & TEC control
  • Easy to use
  • Wavelenghts offered: 375 nm - 852 nm
  • Power options up to 220 mW
  • Single-mode, linearly polarized output beam

Fiber-Coupled, iFLEX-iRIS Features:

  • Detachable "plug & play" fiber coupling
  • Spatially filtered Gaussian beam
  • Laser parameters guaranteed after fiber
  • OEM versions on request


Diode Laser


iFLEX Iris

iFLEX Iris with Diode Laser

iFLEX Iris with Diode Laser