Fiber coupled, modulated solid-state laser.

The iFLEX-Mustang is a fiber-coupled solid-state laser system with on-board acousto-optic modulation. The system operates at 488, 532 or 561 nm and delivers 25 mW of power from a singlemode fiber with a polarization extinction ratio of greater than 100:1.

The iFLEX-Mustang is supplied with the Qioptiq kineFLEX fiber delivery system which enables true "plug & play" benefits with both sub-micron and submicroradian repeatability and stability. The kineFLEX fiber features diffraction-limited output beams with zero astigmatism, high spatial coherence and low dynamic pointing error.

The perfect TEM00 output beam is available with the option of collimated, divergent, circular or elliptical beams profiles. The iFLEX-Mustang is manufactured with an on-board acousto-optic modulator operating in first order to ensure a modulation dynamic range of 30dB, modulation speed of 3 MHz and a rise and fall time of 350 ns. The iFLEX-Mustang is compatible with a number of commercially available imaging software packages such as Olympus cell^R, MetaMorph and ╬╝Manager and a number of add-on interfaces ensure a complete solution for all microscope systems.

With an operating wavelength of 488, 532 or 561nm the iFLEX-Mustang is ideal for use in biomedical instrumentation including confocal microscopes, flow cytometers and DNA sequencers and is also suitable for demanding specialized semiconductor metrology.

Some of the product features include:

  • TEM00 true Gaussian Beam
  • Modulation speed up to 3 MHz
  • Rise and fall time :<350 ns
  • Power stability :< 2% over four hours
  • Noise: less than 0.3% over the frequency range 20 MHz to 2 MHz
  • Custom OEM versions available