EIT Instrument Wipes

EIT Instrument wipes are used for safely cleaning of the outer optics on EIT UV radiometers.

EIT radiometers are used to design, measure and control industrial UV applications in a wide variety of locations. The environmental conditions that the instruments are exposed to vary from pristine (medical clean room) to challenging (wood manufacturing facility).

Careful cleaning of the outer optics using the EIT guidelines will help your EIT instrument perform as designed between service and calibration intervals.

The guidelines for the instrument wipes are general and specific questions should be directed to Julie Boesen at Efsen. Instruments that stop functioning when accidently dropped, get stuck in equipment or wind up covered or immersed with the product being cured need to come back to Efsen for further evaluation.

About the EIT Instrument Wipes

  • Contain a fast evaporating, mild solvent for cleaning EIT optics
  • Are non-linting and non-abrasive and are packaged in boxes of 50
  • Do not contain any detergents or surfactants to harm the optics
  • Stay individually sealed until used
  • Eliminate any contamination of the cleaning solution from material on the optics, transfer of adhesive from a cotton swab or other lab/production activities using the same supply of IPA
eit Instrument Wipes
Instrument Wipes