EIT UV LED Measurement solutions update - fall 2019

EIT’s LEDCure® UV measurement solutions continue to expand as they respond to the needs of end users, formulators, source suppliers and equipment integrators of UV LEDs. EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY distributes products from EIT in Scandinavia, Poland and the Baltics.


Applications with high process speeds, such as digital LED printers, require a radiometer with high sample rates to capture accurately the irradiance (Watts/cm2) and energy density (Joules/cm2) values and profiles as a function of time. These measurements are made by the LEDMAP™ which also can measure and profile process temperatures.


  • It provides user adjustable sample rates from 128–2048 Hz. It allows the user to measure and plot accurately individual LED passes at speeds up to 400 feet (122 meters) per minute.
  • The reduced size of the LEDMAP™ allows for measurement in confined spaces.
  • The first commercially available LEDMAP™ has the L395 band with EIT’s patented Total Measured Optic Response™ (TMOR) for accurate, repeatable and absolute UV LED measurements.
  • The LEDMAP™ collects up to 65 minutes of data that is transferred via USB to EIT’s UV PowerView® III Software. UV PowerView® III allows for enhanced analysis, troubleshooting and comparison of the same or different LED systems.

LEDCure® Profiler Four Band

The LEDCure® Profiler Four Band was developed for LED source manufacturers, formulators, R&D labs and field service technicians who routinely encounter different wavelength LEDs (365, 385, 395, & 405 nm) and want very accurate measurements in the band of interest. The LEDCure® has four EIT L-Bands (L365; L385; L395; and L405) in one portable unit and a dynamic range of 40 W/cm2.

Individual L-Band Irradiance (W/cm2) and Energy Density (J/cm2) values are shown on the display along with a low-resolution irradiance profile.

It’s features EIT’s patented TMOR™ for accurate, repeatable and absolute UV LED measurements. Values and profiles from all four EIT L-bands transfer at 128 Hz to EIT’s UV PowerView® III Software for detailed analysis.


UV PowerView® lll image for LEDCure Profiler Four Band showing measurements from all four L-Bands.

LED Compact Sensor®/DIN Rail UV Intensity Monitor®

UV applications with limited space, high value products and fast production speeds may benefit from continuous monitoring of the LED source and process conditions. For example, the effective UV intensity in the manufacturing of optical fiber may change rapidly based on the clarity and cleanliness of the center quartz tube. Continuous monitoring of the UV at the quartz tube in the draw tower alerts the manufacturer to gradual or sudden UV changes so they can be addressed promptly and cost effectively.

The optical response of EIT’s long lasting, durable Compact Sensor has been modified to support 365, 385, 395 and 405 nm LEDs.

The LED Compact Sensor can be used with EIT’s DIN Rail. It may be air cooled and has an expected life of more than 10,000 hours. The new updated EIT DIN Rail offers outputs proportional to UV irradiance with 0-10V and 4-20 mA signals.