MicroCure® DataReader

Miniature UV Radiometers

The MicroCure® is a small and light weight radiometer that measures energy (mJ/cm2) and peak intensity (mW/cm2) in UVA and UVV.

The data is displayed in a portable DataReader. The radiometer is suitable for numerous applications – especially where space is limited.

EIT’s MicroCure® measurement system is comprised of two separate stand-alone items; the data collection radiometer which is placed in the ultraviolet (UV) environment to be measured, and a DataReader which reads and displays the measurement results from the radiometer.

The UV integrating radiometer is a microprocessor-based, electro-optical instrument that measures and accumulates the total UV energy that is applied to the measurement surface of the instrument. The MicroCure® radiometer measures the total amount of UV energy that would be impinged on a work piece passing through the curing system and the peak UV irradiance. The radiometer combines very small physical size and adaptability to address a variety of demanding physical and thermal measurement environments.

Each MicroCure is good for 200 readings or one year; whichever comes first.