The PalmProbe radiometer from EIT addresses UV measurement and process control in areas where it has been difficult to pass a radiometer through the process. The use of UV inks and coatings has grown in label and web markets and the PalmProbe offers safe, reliable measurement for these and other applications.Features
  • Wide Dynamic Range (100,000:1) Measurements;
  • Autoranging and zeroing
  • Measures and displays Watts, Joules, Seconds; displays peak value
  • Watts/cm2
  • Electrically isolated and insulated Light Guide
  • Very high temperature resistant Light Guide
  • Single hand operation; two membrane switch control
  • UV bands- choice of EIT UVA, UVB, or UVV
  • Battery powered; two user replaceable AA batteries with low battery warning
  • Measure UV system performance particularly in applications where measurement space is limited or it is difficult to access
  • Establish, document and maintain UV process windows
  • Meet ISO, quality and customer requirements for SPC/SQC
  • Verify readings from on-line sensors; coordinate relative percentage type readings from on-line displays to absolute units
  • Multiple uses from production curing (high irradiance) to stray hazard (low irradiance) applications
The instruments are manufactured by EIT.