PowerPuck® II PROFILER & Uvicure Plus® II Profiler

High Energy UV Integrating Radiometer with PowerView II data analyzing software

The radiometers that first set the standard for the industrial UV curing industry, now have the ability to be used with display or as a profiling radiometer that transfers the irradiance profile to a computer for analysis.

The “Profiler” versions of their Power Puck II/UviCure Plus II function as a Standard unit with the added ability to transfer the irradiance profile to a computer. The transferred data can be analyzed with EIT’s PowerView II/PowerView III Software to allow analysis, sharing, storage and comparison of readings. Profiler units offer ease of use on the production floor with the display and ability to more detailed information when profiling capabilities are needed

The UV Power Puck II Profiler measures simultaneously UVA, UVB, UVC & UVV and the UviCure Plus II Profiler measures either UVA, UVB, UVC or UVV (to be selected).

With the Profiler version you are able to measure more lamps in a row and then afterwards analyze each lamp using the PowerView II/PowerView III Software.