Cable Marking

The Efsen Cable Marking solution is designed for curing with Hereaus Noblelight Fusion UV of UV ink-jet for cable and pipe marking. UV curing of ink-jet marking on cable or pipe are done to obtain more scratch resistant and durable marking in harsh environments at high speeds.

Efsen has developed a successful solution for high speed UV curing of ink jet printing on pipe and cable.

A high power Heraeus Noblelight Fusion UV lamp (240W/cm) is placed in a light shield irradiating the cable/pipe from above and with the UV bulb axis in same direction as the cable/pipe is moving. This secures curing at maximum speed.

  • The light shield is height adjustable to secure optimum curing for different diameters of cable or pipe.
  • Height adjustment is manually or controlled automatically.
  • In –and outlet opening has adjustable lourve plates to absorb the light and prohibit external irradiance.
  • The unit opens for easy access of threading and positioning of the cable and pipe.
  • The unit can be build with more Fusion lamps to adapt for higher speeds.
  • With the high intense Heraeus Noblelight Fusion UV system this is the optimum solution for high speed curing with constant quality in versatile diameter sizes.

Note! Efsen can supply a plasma treatment station for improving adhesion of the UV ink-jet to be mounted before the Heraeus Noblelight Fusion UV curing unit.

Please contact us for details on your cable marking application.

Cable Marking