The Efsen conveyors are specifically developed for use in smaller productions, development processes and for laboratory testing. The conveyor is designed for integration of Fusion UV Systems and Efsen WoodCure UV lamps but can also be customized to match customer specific needs.

The LT Series are flexible curing machines consisting of one or more UV lamps mounted in a lamp fixture on a conveyor with external power supply.

Efsen LT conveyors are available in many different variations. It can be build with one to six lamps in total. See the illustration below for possible combinations.

LT6-1F300 with adjustable height is i.e. an ideal lab unit, where units with widths up to 150 mm can be tested. The Fusion UV system makes it flexible in regards to bulbs, efficiency and reflector types. This unit is often used for development and control of UV curing coatings, inks colour and glue.

Various lamp fixtures can be build on the LT Series to function as light shield. The lamp fixtures can be height adjustable and can be used as guide walls to ensure the material always to be positioned on the same place. Further it can be made rotatable for the lamp to cure the material horizontally or vertically.

The conveyor is equipped with a teflon coated belt with standard speed interval from 4-40 m/min. This can be adjusted as needed.

LT6-2F300-1AC7150 renset















LT6-2F300-1Altair150 ny





LT-series configuration with Fusion Lamps

LT-series configuration Fusion

LT-series configuration with WoodCure Lamps

LT-series configuration WC