LT Series - Lab conveyors for UV lamps

For smaller productions, R&D and laboratory use

Our LT conveyors are specifically developed for use in smaller productions, development processes and for laboratory testing. The conveyors are designed for integration of any UV source, Microwave, Arc and UV LED. Height adjustability is an option and new systems can easily be adapted in the future, which means that the conveyor investment is future proof.

All advantages of the LT Series

  • Various lamp fixtures can be built into the LT Series to function as light shield.
  • Can be made rotatable for the lamp to cure the material horizontally or vertically.
  • Are flexible curing machines consisting of one or more UV lamps mounted in a lamp fixture on a conveyor with external power supply.
  • Can be supplied with inserting opportunities if required and all run 1-100 m/min as standard.