The F300S is a production-proven 300 watt/inch microwave-powered electrodeless lamp, packaged in a more compact form. This economical, modular 6-inch, remotely controlled lamp enables you to realize the full benefit of Hereaus Noblelight Fusion in your production process.
Popular “H”, “D” and “V” bulb spectra are available. The microwave lamp operates without the metal electrodes required in arc lamps and provides the most reliable, stable, and efficient UV curing system. It is the curing system of choice where minimal down time, minimum maintenance, and maximum product output are key performance parameters.

Key performance parameters

  • The compact design of the F300S allows easy installation in terms of space and orientation.
  • The power supply can be placed at any convenient location and connected to the irradiator module by easy-to-install cables.
  • Used as a single unit, the F300S provides a complete, self-contained six-inch curling source.
  • Several different spectral outputs. Enables users to optimize UV wavelength with the reactive sensitivity of chemistry being used and the desired properties of the end product.
  • Long bulb life. This six-inch electrodeless bulb (BF9H) is warranted for 8000 hours, independent of on/off cycles
  • High UV/Low IR output. Optimized bulb fills to give maximum ultraviolet output with minimum infrared. Less heat to substrate.
  • Full cure width maintained throughout bulb life.
  • Bulb replacement can be accomplished in minutes.
  • Focused elliptical reflector. Concentrates maximum UV energy on substrate.
  • Positive air flow through the reflector.
  • Modules can be placed end-to-end for uniform cure and controlled individually or together.

State-of-the-art technology power supply incorporated: On/off/standby control, safety interlocks, production line connections, production interlock, pullout control board, full fault indicator array, master/slave option, interconnect ability.