The F600 UV System from Hereaeus Noblelight Fusion is a product of continued commitment to the development of new and improved ultraviolet curing systems that meet today’s growing demands for higher production speeds, increased profitability, enhanced reliability, and new UV curing applications.

  • 25 cm bulb length
  • 240W/cm output
  • Modules can be linked for wider systems
  • Two power levels standard, HI at 100% and LO at 66% output
  • Ideal for high speeds or opaque/pigmented coatings

The F600 UV lamp system from Heraeus Noblelight Fusion UV Systems is a major advance in lamps for UV curing.

A modular 10-inch lamp system, the F600 system increases UV output from previous system benchmarks of 300 to 400 watts/inch to 600 watts/inch, with no reduction of warranted bulb life.

This higher power output will increase UV curing effectiveness, depending upon the particular materials employed in the process.

The system's increase power stems from a number of technical enhancements to the I600M irradiator and the P600M power supply.

Irradiators can be placed end-to-end to create a lamp system of almost any length providing high uniformity for wide applications.

F600 UV Lamp System
F600 Installation