MaxCure is the ideal UV Lamp for label printing offering optimum curing performance. It comes with a compact solid state power supply with PLC control and stepless power adjustment.

  • Effective curewidth up to 330 mm 
  • Power up to 160 W/cm 
  • Power adjustment 25 - 100% 
  • Electrical connection 3 x 400VAC + N

MaxCure is made in a solid and robust design. The lamp housing and reflectors are made of precision extruded aluminium profiles. The shutters are pneumatic controlled and have replaceable reflector liners. Cable connection with just one multi connector.

Production speeds of up to 200m/min have been achieved with just one lamp. This is due to the optical design with a small diameter bulb and efficient reflectors.
The MaxCure UV lamp system is easy and cost effective to retrofit when changing from conventional to UV operation.

"Cold UV": Dichroic reflectors can be delivered as an option in order to reduce the heatload on the web.

Quick and easy access for change of bulb and cleaning.

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