Omnicure SpotCuring

OmniCure is the preffered choice of precision manufacturers. Manufacturers in advanced technology sectors around the world increasingly rely on the advantages that light-based, uv spot curing brings to precision assembly.

The use of UV/visible light cure adhesives has become a vital assembly technique due to their rapid processing, on-demand nature, ease of automation and solvent free bonding.

Efsen Engineering distributes OmniCure products, from Excelitas Technologies, in Scandinavia.

Typical Applications for UV Spot Curing

Catheter Assembly
Cannula Assembly
Tubing and Connectors
Endoscope Assembly
Insulin Pens
Blood Oxygenators

Fiberoptic Components
Optical Data Storage
Digital Projectors
Optical Sensors
Compact Camera Modules
Electronic Assembly
Cell Phone Assembly
Automotive Electronics
Smart Cards
High Density Drives (HDD)
Bluetooth Headsets
Analytical Instrumentation
Pick and Place ‘Flat Topping’

Optics & General Assembly
Optical Lens Assembly
Stereolithography (SLA)
Sealing and Coating