Light Guides

Efsen supplies all available Light Guides and Accessories available for the OmniCure UV SpotCuring Systems. Please contact us if you need any further information and assistance regarding the Light Guides and Accessories.

light guides-High Power Fiber Light Guide

High Power Fiber Light Guide
Supplies an equal distribution of light energy to multiple cure sites from a single light source. New technology provides over 50% more throughput power than industry-standard fiber guides for greater flexibility in your curing process.

Liquid Light Guide

Liquid Light Guides
Available in 3, 5 and 8mm tip diameters. An economical choice for light delivery. Standard lengths range from 750 to 3000 mm. Dual and triple-leg configurations for multi-site curing.

High Power Fiber Light Line

High Power Fiber Light Lines
Utilizes technology developed in the High Power Fiber Light Guides to provide a high output linear beam of curing energy. The fibers are continuous from the light guide input to termination eliminating coupling losses seen with standard light line accessories. Ideal for bonding of main seal, chip on glass, TAB & flexible printed circuit on flat panel displays.

Adjustable Collimating Adaptor

Adjustable Collimating Adaptor
Ideal for any application that requires a uniform spot from 1” up to 6” (2.54cm to 15.2cm). Equal  distribution of power allows the user to cure adhesive evenly without having to compensate for uneven light distribution.

Light Line

Light Line
Converts the Light Guide’s spot of light into a focused, linear beam of curing energy. Efficiently cures small rows of components, inks on tubing and cable, anything that requires up to two inches of line length. Also performs tacking and strain relief of multi-strand wiring, as well as edge bonding of flat panel displays.

Cure Ring

Cure Ring
Allows a Light Guide 360° of curing power. Standard ring for use with Liquid Light Guides available in solid or slotted versions. Ideal for bonding a number of medical devices such as catheters and also tubes, cables or any other parts that require 360° curing.