The OmniCure R2000 Radiometer is an integral part of the OmniCure bonding system. Used to measure power output and set irradiance levels of UV and Visible Light, it is the most advanced tool of its kind; greatly enhancing manufacturing precision and cure reliability.

Repeatability Through Calibration
The OmniCure R2000 Radiometer is the industry standard in Radiometry for spot curing – providing several advanced features not found in competitive products.

It is used with the OmniCure S2000 system to set irradiance levels* and calibrate the system from a single reference point, providing a complete curing station, and dependable, repeatable results.

Radiometer calibration is traceable to NIST, with calibration valid for one year.

*Measures power output only with model OmniCure S1000 – irradiance calibration is only with OmniCure S2000.

Calibrate Multiple Units
The handheld unit also allows you to calibrate multiple curing systems from the same radiometer through serial communication. The unit can be connected by up to four remote sensors.

Proprietary Detector System
Proprietary detector system provides the accurate wideband measurements (250-600nm) crucial to maintaining consistent results and production yield.

Light Guide Detection
Automatically detects and identifies the Light Guide diameter with color-coded adaptors for proper insertion.

Proprietary optical interface virtually eliminates beam profile dependence and significantly improves measurement accuracy.

PC Control Panel Software
PC Software memory capability for storing calibration and measurement data for process validation and quality assurance.

Custom Sensors
Sophisticated electronics built into the OmniCure R2000 Radiometer allow for connection to custom sensors for measuring light energy directly at the cure site.

R2000 Radiometer

Add Ons for R2000

cure_ring_radiometerCure Ring Radiometer
Measures output power from the Cure Ring directly at the cure site, ensuring a highly repeatable process

cure_site_radiometerCure Site Radiometer
Measures output power of a Light Guide or Optical Accessory directly at the cure site

r200_lamp_output_adaptorLamp Output Adaptor
Interfaces the curing unit and light source