Vela Technologies provides complete engineered systems for your UV curing production lines using their proprietary VelaCure 3D™ photo-induction chamber. Vela Technology irradiate your objects with uniformity of greater than 95% on all surfaces and supply a greater amount of UV with less IR content than present technologies. This provides you with a more consistent cure and a finished coating with better properties, using your present chemical formulations.

Vela Technology’s 3D UV curing technology has many applications in the medical device (catheters, guidewires, adhesive bonding), coated tube, wire & cable, electronics, and other industries.

Unique approach to getting high uniform UV curing of products

With the 3D exposure geometry in the chamber, all part surfaces are uniformly surrounded, and every surface receives the exact same UV exposure. It provides a higher level of process safety and end-product quality. VelaCure 3D decouples exposure geometry from lamp geometry. All UV rays come from diffuse reflections off the chamber walls and all part surfaces are treated and cured simultaneously. Simplifies the UV curing process all while improving product quality, documentation as well as bottom line. Use the full potential of your UV lights and chemical formulations with the unique 3D UV curing solution from Vela.

Get the advantages

  • Works with any UV and UV LED light source.
  • Increases the product quality, provides lower surface tension and removes the risk of errors.
  • Ultimate process stability in your production with continuous dose control - you always know that your UV system is performing according to set value.
  • No rotation of parts required. This enables a secure, stable and uniform result.
  • 100% Operator safety during expose since the Vela chamber contains 100 % the UV light inside the chamber.
  • Cures complex shapes with difficult-to-reach areas and several parts can be cured in one batch.
  • Less heat on product, so your heat sensitive parts remain cool and safe during cure.
  • Increases production yield since you can run multiple devices in one run - high capacity and more uptime.
  • Energy efficient and cost-effective solution because fewer UV lamps, machines and automation are needed.
  • Cures any know UV curable adhesive and coating from big suppliers like Loctite, Dymax, etc.

Custom-made 3D curing solutions

EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY represent Vela Technologies in Europe. We have demo equipment available for test at EFSEN or on site. Most solutions are custom-made to cure a specific solution optimally. And it is easy to scale up from R&D to production as well as high repeatability in the production process. We are looking forward to discussing how your company’s Vela solution would be.


VelaCure 3D Chambers


The VelaCure12 is a convenient, high performance UV curing station, perfect for your cylindrical or irregularly shaped parts. Vela Technologies’ patented technology surrounds your parts in uniform UV light, giving complete, even cure. It is ideal for irregularly shaped parts that are challenging to cure with conventional UV.

Vela MiniCure 3D


The MiniCure3D™ is a convenient, high performance dispensing and UV curing station, perfect for adhering balloons, hubs, etc. to catheters. Vela Technologies’ patented technology surrounds your parts in uniform UV light, giving complete, even cure.


VelaCure Custom Chambers


VelaCure 3D Custom Chambers are designed and optimized for specific manufacturing applications. Vela’s custom curing chambers integrate well into your manufacturing line and interact with your PLC controller. Custom chambers are powerful, fast and can simultaneously cure hundreds of parts.

Vela 6UP Catheter Chamber


The Vela Catheter Curing System is a convenient, high-performance UV curing station, perfect for laboratory use in developing new catheter designs and new coating systems. Until now, curing multiple long cylindrical catheters uniformly has been challenging, usually requiring multiple short lifetime lamps and mechanically rotating the catheters.

Vela 6UP Cathether Chamber_EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY_800x400