Vela MiniCure 3D

Three-dimensional Curing for Adhesives & Coatings

The MiniCure3D™ is a convenient, high performance dispensing and UV curing station, perfect for adhering balloons, hubs, etc. to catheters. Vela Technologies’ patented technology surrounds your parts in uniform UV light, giving complete, even cure.

Light input from any common light guide is evenly dispersed within the MC3D™, resulting in an extremely uniform light field. It’s like bathing your parts in a pool of UV, resulting in uniform cure of even the most complex parts in seconds.

Benefits the industries: Medical Device, Hearing aids, Vision, Electronics, Optics, Aerospace, Consumer products.


  • Full 360° uniform cure in seconds
  • Product stays cool—no over-curing
  • Uses single pole light guide for reduced maintenance cost
  • Compatible with all spot cure light sources and guides - arc lamp or LED
  • Bushings facilitate product positioning
  • Cure length up to 4” (100 mm)
  • Standard and custom sizes available
  • Repeatable dose delivery
  • No part manipulation or light guide motion needed
  • No multi-pole light guides