VelaCure 3D Custom Chambers

Three-dimensional Curing for Adhesives & Coatings

VelaCure 3D Custom Chambers are designed and optimized for specific manufacturing applications. Vela’s custom curing chambers integrate well into your manufacturing line and interact with your PLC controller.

Custom chambers are powerful, fast and can simultaneously cure hundreds of parts. Clamshell-type chambers and dip-tank type chambers can easily mate with your automation layout

Custom chamber features

  • UV source can be any Heraeus Fusion UV Systems system, arc system, LED array or light fiber
  • Front, top, side or bottom part entry doors possible
  • Split chamber can close around part for treatment
  • Pneumatic part entry doors or chamber wall automation
  • Pneumatic shutter
  • Irradiance control choke
  • Controller
  • EIT™ Power Puck™ holder