Efsen WoodCure

The Efsen WoodCure UV lamp has been developed with maximum consideration to it’s curing performance. That means fast curing, high throughcuring and uniform curing. Automatic incoming voltage adjustment, secures this high output is held constant throughout the day.
Efsen WoodCure is robust and designed with priority for a long steady operation in a non-clean invironment. Maintainance is easy, you simply pull out the reflector-lamp assembly.

The optical design can be chosen to match the application. Choose the elliptical reflector and you have the highest peak and the highest energy and choose the parabolic reflector you have the highest energy delivered at variable distance.

The cooling system is unique and secures an even and clean-air cooling along the bulb. This prolongs the lifetime of the bulb. Clean air is pushed into the double wall of the lamp house. Via an exhaust blower the air is pulled through the lamp/reflector zone and ventilated to the outside. This means that only clean air is passing the lamp and that the reflector and the lamp is being evenly cooled along it’s length.

Installation of Efsen WoodCure
WoodCure optical design
WoodCure cooling system