The Efsen Engineering PT52 LED UVC conveyor is suitable for use in large volume productions.

The conveyor is designed with integration of Heraeus NobleCure LED and Heraeus Soluva UVC Cure with several benefits such as minimal infrared heat output and low energy consumption as well as good uniformity and minimum space requirement.

The PT52 LED UVC is a production line conveyor that can hold up to several lamp units in one row, depending on the combination needed. The lamp units are height adjustable with a curing width up to 1300mm.

The conveyor is equipped with chain driven rollers and can manage speeds from 1-60m/min depending on needs, which is easily adjustable. The allowed substrate width, on the conveyor, is 52 inches, or 1300mm. The conveyor length can be varied depending on production needs. The solution can also be integrated to existing production lines, using the existing conveyor and line control.

The combination of Heraeus LED and UVC is a very flexible solution for curing, as the LED has long wavelengths for depth curing and the UVC with the shorter wavelengths for surface curing.

The LED and the UVC lamp units exposes the material with very little amount of heat, which makes it ideal for curing thermal sensitive substrates, i.e. wood and electronics. They also have very low energy consumption and a long service life.