TableTop LAB WoodCure

The Tabletop LAB WoodCure is a UV system with 2 lamps for development and testing of UV lacquers or other types of UV chemistry. The system is specially designed with focus on high intensity, variable power 50-120W/cm2, clean environment, detailed cooling control and long lifetime on bulbs and reflectors.

The operation of the lamps are done at an operator panel which is mounted on an external electrical cabinet.

The UV lamps are without shutter and is secured so that they only run when the conveyor is running, to prevent overheating and damaging the conveyor belt.

The speed of the conveyor is monitored on a LED display and can be adjusted from 4-40m/min.

The power supplies are mounted together with the other electrical components in the external electrical cabinet.

The control panel is installed on ther external electrical cabinet door. 

The lamp heights are mechanically adjustable individually.

TableTop LAB WoodCure

Belt width 350 mm
Curing width 300 mm
Effective curing width 250 mm
Length/width/height 1200mm / 500mm / 550mm
Power Supply Stepless solid state power supply 25% - 100% - max 150W/cm
Reflector model Eliptical or parabolic
UV bulbs 1 Gallium and 1 Mercury included
Blower & filter Cooling and exhaust blower and filterlocker + filter included