ICAD® Technology

Inline Continuous Automated Dynamic UV Monitoring

Our ICAD® technology is one of the most important developments for the UV industry.

ICAD® is unique. Our proprietary technology is the first ever technology that enables measuring and control of the actual UV output that reaches the product – ICAD® even does this during production. Continuous monitoring during production increases quality, uptime and reduces the risk of producing waste, all while saving energy and eliminating ozone and mercury.

We are proud that the ICAD® technology gives a higher level of process security than the general UV market.

Advantages of the ICAD Technology

  • Be assured that your UV is performing to your set specifications – any time and documented.
  • Enables constant surveillance of the full width of your UV or UV-LED system inline and during production.
  • When coupled with a UV LED system like P-LED or W-LED, ICAD® enables manufactures to always have a uniform UV output.
  • Using on conventional UV-systems enables manufactures to guarantee a certain UV dose at any point of the production width.
  • Enables correct and planned maintenance of UV, utilizes UV-bulbs and UV-LEDs to their full potential.
  • Improves your process control. You always know that your UV LED system is performing according to set value and tell you what you didn’t know about your UV status in production.

Integrated in UV LED systems

The ICAD® solution is included in our integrated UV LED systems, P-LED designed for the converting and printing industry and W-LED for the wood industry.