OmniCure® AC2 Series (the AC275 and AC2110)

Compact UV LED Curing Systems for Inks, Coatings and Adhesives

The OmniCure AC2 series, the AC275 and AC2110 air-cooled UV LED curing systems from Excelitas Technologies combine a compact form factor with advanced front-end optics to provide high peak irradiance and exceptional uniformity. Multiple UV LED heads can be adjoined while maintaining optical uniformity between each system. The flexibility to achieve larger curing areas in a variety of customizable lengths enables manufacturers to improve throughput without compromising on performance.

The standard AC2 systems provide a reduced output angle from typical LED systems, ideal for printing applications, to help eliminate back reflection of the light to the print heads. All AC2 Series come with a flat outer surface that allows for easy cleaning and replacement for ongoing maintenance. By adapting the output to support the process requirements of the industry, the new AC2 Series product portfolio can be applicable for a range of varying applications with different process needs.


  • Easily integrated into applications where space constraints restrict access to the substrate
  • High speed curing for inks, adhesives and coatings
  • High peak irradiance and exceptional uniformity at different working distances
  • Reduced output angle to prevent back reflection of light in printing applications
  • Superior uniformity over the entire curing area
  • Even and consistent curing over any size of curing area
  • Ability to select the optimum wavelength for the adhesive, coating or ink and also the substrates to best suit specific applications
  • Easily integrated into any workstation with no additional venting, ozone extraction or chillers required
  • Costs savings from reduced power consumption compared to arc lamp systems
  • Reduced running costs from compared to arc lamp solutions
  • Increased yields of parts due to lower temperature curing compared to arc lamp systems
  • Simplicity and flexibility in the control scheme
  • Ease of integration, high compatibility
  • Increased uptime and reliability of product
  • Multiple communication protocols
  • Power Factor Correction - Eliminate electrical harmonics, better than 99% at full load
  • Reduced weight and better air flow - For more efficient cooling