The solution for ultimate process stability in UV LED production

The P-LED is a UV LED curing unit that emits UV LED light over a width. You get the benefits of one unit with extremely high self-control for optimal UV production. The ICAD® Technology stands for Integrated Continuous Automatic Dynamic measuring device and improves your process control, so you always know that your UV LED system is performing according to set value. This increase quality, uptime and reduces the risk of errors, all while saving energy and getting rid of ozone and mercury.

P-LED_efsen_UV LED_UV Curing

All in one unit

  • More uptime
  • Uniform curing
  • Minimal maintenance
  • ICAD® inside
  • Energy saving
  • 365, 385, 395 & 405nm
  • No ozone and mercury
  • Integrated air/cooling distribution
  • Integrated user interface

ICAD® inside

An integrated part of the P-LED is the ICAD® Technology. This uniquely developed technology makes it possible to do inline and automated power level adjustment for a uniform and specific power distribution over the full UV LED array. The ICAD® Technology gives you the benefit of continuous measuring during your production. Enabling you to secure a stable uniform and documented UV process.