Efsen has been designing high-end UV Curing systems for the wood industry since 1986. It has always been the mission of Efsen to supply high quality and application focused solutions/systems, that will benefit the customer and exceed their expectations.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we can offer the 2016 W-LED series from Efsen. This unit brings user-friendlines and performance of wood curing to a new level. The LED you can install by yourself - just connect power cable and line signal and you are ready to produce with the benefits of LED from Efsen.

We want to make you sure and comfortable in your LED investment, so we can offer the LED for trials even in your own production. The LED is designed, so that the installation can be done by a local technician and within 60 minutes if you have the power and line signal ready upon arrival of the LED Demo.



The LED comes in 2 different power sizes, that makes is suitable for both gelling and through curing at various speeds.

W-LED-8-Series: Simply choose LED-8 series for a powerful, high dose and fully flexible system that gels and cures in low to medium speed.

W-LED-9-Series: Is your application running high speeds, or do you have a request for higher intensity for better penetration, then the LED-9-Series is the right solution for you.


The LED is available in 900, 1050, 1200, 1275, 1350 and 1500mm effective curing width. Simply choose the width you need, and it will be prepared for this upon arrival at your factory. If your needs change in the future, you can easily remove units in intervals of 150mm, and you can also add unit up to the full length of 1500mm. The LED is always prepared for all.


The LED has four height adjustable legs, that can lift the whole LED housing up by 100mm. The position of the height adjustable legs is flexible, so the LED will fit any conveyor width up to 1.755mm. We have also included a function that the LED will fit a conveyor where the edges are higher than the belt level. LED can lower the UV-LED heads down, so that the distance over the products can be adjusted to the desired distance by the customer. We also have an integrated safety beam – so to minimize the risk of damaged to LED heads by accident.


The LED has an integrated sensor that attached the conveyor before the LED. We call this the W-Sensor, and this activates the LED for when items are coming, so that the energy consumption is optimized.


The LED needs clean air with no dust and above the dew point. You can supply this yourself, or you can acquire the W-Air module that simply attaches to the top of the LED. The W-Air is an integrated blower and filter module that is controlled by the LED and always makes sure that there is air for UV-LEDs and electronics. Furthermore, the W-Air prevents dust from entering the LED.


Accidents happen and therefore we recommend having a spare LED head as well as a power supply, so that uptime on the line can be quickly achieved. Changing to a new LED head will take about 5-10 minutes and changing a new power supply is 10-15minuttes. We have made is simple and easy to access.

The W-Air has an easy to change filter, and we recommend having an extra filter for each W-Air as this makes easy and fast cleaning of the W-Air possible.


Electrical requirements and connections:

W-LED: 3x400V AC 50hz 3x32A (3P+N+PE) 5pol CEE plug

W-AIR: included above

Prepared for profi-net connection

W-LED is Siemens S7-1200 PLC controlled



App power cons @ 80%90010501200127513501500



App power cons @ 80%90010501200127513501500



Less than 1.500W



W-LED Height: 425mm, Width: 350mm, Length: 2.100mm (incl. display and CEE plug connector). Housing base length is 2.004mm

Distance between mounting legs can vary up to 1755mm in intervals of 100mm

W-AIR Height: 350mm, Width: 350mm, Length: up to 1.500mm, (to be mounted on top of LED)



UV-LED width900mm1050mm1200mm1275mm1350mm1500mm