W-LED with ICAD® inside

The UV LED curing system for the wood industry

We have developed the W-LED with ICAD® Technology inside – The solution for optimal quality in your UV LED production!

The W-LED is a unit that emits UV LED light over a width. You get the benefits of ‘all in one unit’ with everything included. The W-LED from EFSEN, brings user-friendliness and performance of wood curing to a new level.

Our proprietary ICAD® stands for Inline Continuous Automatic Dynamic measuring device. ICAD® improves your process control, so you always know that your UV LED system is performing according to set value. This increases quality, uptime and reduces the risk of errors.

The LED you can install by yourself – just connect power cable and line signal and you are ready to produce with the benefits of LED from EFSEN.

Advantages of the ‘All in one unit’

  • Electrical cabinet integrated in the unit, and there is no use of floor space and cabling.
  • Contains the power supplies and electrical connections inside. This makes installation very easy.
  • Supplied with height adjustability legs, that can elevate the whole W-LED housing for the optimal position over the product.
  • Comes in different power levels and wavelengths, that makes is suitable for different speeds of production.

ICAD® inside – continuous measuring during your production

An integrated part of the W-LED is the proprietary ICAD® Technology. This uniquely developed technology makes it possible to do inline and automated power level adjustment for a uniform and specific power distribution over the full UV LED array.

The ICAD® Technology gives you the benefit of continuous measuring during your production – hence you get more uptime.