Calibration of EIT instruments

EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY is the European Centre for calibration of EIT instruments and is certified to calibrate according to EIT standards. EFSEN has a calibration facility at our location in Holte, Denmark and we have been trained by EIT to calibrate and issue certificates according to EIT standards. We normally calibrate instruments every Wednesday and return them the following day, provided that no larger repair is needed. Instruments arrived at EFSEN on Tuesday at the latest, will be calibrated the same week.

Please contact our calibration department at and for any queries and to make sure that calibration department isn’t paused, due to our masters are in the US for calibration.

Important information
Please note that EIT and all EIT certified labs will stop service and calibration of legacy PowerMap, UV Map Plus and PowerPuck II (PP2-2000) with serial connection by end of December 2022. For further information please contact

We calibrate the following EIT instruments


Calibrations are always performed on an arc lamp, unless another UV source is agreed. If your primary UV source is a microwave lamp, we can offer to calibrate on a Heraeus Fusion lamp to ensure more accurate nominal values.

We calibrate standard high-power instruments (UVA, UVB & UVV range: 100mW/cm2-10W/cm2. UVC range: 10mW/cm2-1W/cm2). We do not calibrate Lower Power (LP) instruments and midrange instruments. UVA, UVB and UVC filters are calibrated on a Hg source and UVV filters are calibrated on a Ga source as standard. All filters can be calibrated on an Hg source upon request.

Call for Calibration

EFSEN call all instruments for calibration before they are due for their biannual calibration. Reminders are sent out by e-mail to the responsible person. If you would like your instrument added to this free service, please send an e-mail to Julie Boesen with the following information: