Explore ICAD™ at Allnex Customer Seminar Sept. 24-25th

Get a demonstration of ICAD™ at EFSEN’s booth during the Allnex Customer Seminar

Our application engineer David Ivarsson will be available in the Poster Exhibition Hall at the Drogenbos plant during the second day (the 25th September), promoting our ground breaking ICAD™ solution for in-line monitoring of UV and UV LED systems. The ICAD™ solution is included in our integrated LED systems, W-LED for the wood industry and P-LED for the printing industry, ensuring a solution with the best UV LED process control in the market! ICAD™ is unique in that it is the only method to measure the actual output, in real time during production, to tell you what will really reach the substrate.

Ensure your LED formulations has got what it takes

Now with a solid competence in formulation of LED coatings and with experience of ink formulations, EFSEN can help assess production lines to identify how to best transition from conventional UV to modern LED technology. The insight into the constraints and the possibilities of formulations for LED applications, and the ability to clearing misconceptions of the technology helps us to bridge the gap between chemistry and curing equipment, ensuring a smooth transition from conventional UV to UV-LED.

Our ambition is to be able to assist the end user to clear any obstacles, so they can reap the full benefits of the LED technology from day one and continue to do so throughout the long lifetime of the light source.

In practice, this can be done by optimizing the choice of light source, which has been EFSEN’s area of expertise for a long time, and we can now offer formulation consultation, to fine-tune the formulation itself. Practical experience and good relationships with raw material suppliers like Allnex means we can quickly find the components that will be a good fit for your application.

If you are unable to attend, please contact us to evaluate how you could benefit of the ICAD™ Technology. Contact David Ivarsson here.

We hope to see you at Allnex Customer Seminar!


Allnex Customer Seminar 2018_efsen_icad technology_david

Efsen expands with direct sales activity in Germany

As of September 2018, Matthias Robisch has joined EFSEN UV & EB Technology and will be active as Sales Engineer, primarily in the Central European area.

Users of the unique 3D curing technology will immediately get benefit

Matthias has gained extensive experience in the field of UV from his career with Fusion UV, Heraeus Noblelight and latest Seoul Viosys.

Working out of Munich, Matthias will be able to work closely with Efsen’s existing and potential Central European customers. This will immediately benefit users of the unique 3D curing technology from Vela Technologies and expand the awareness of the Vela 3D Curing technology in the region.


Develop the activity of Efsen’s high-end UV Curing Technology

Further Matthias will develop the activity with our ICAD™ Technology for UV and UV LED monitoring. That is integrated in our W-LED solution for curing coatings in the wood industry as well as in the P-LED solution for curing inks and coatings in the graphic arts industry.

It is a great honor for Efsen that Matthias has chosen to support our vision for ICAD™ UV monitoring Technology as ICAD™ Technology is fundamental in enabling the safe use of UV curing e.g. in food packaging and other.


Get an exceptional live demonstration of W-LED 

Matthias will be present at the upcoming Bürkle Forum September 25-27th where W-LED with ICAD™ inside will be live demonstrated.

Matthias Robish_Efsen Engineering_UV Technology_icad_pled_wled

Welcome Matthias Robisch (in the middle) to the Efsen-team