Electron Beam

What is EB?

Electron Beam (EB) is a curing method that easily penetrates into clear, pigmented, filled, and opaque materials. It cures thick and/or heavily pigmented or filled inks and coatings and enables lamination of opaque materials.


What are the advantages with Electron Beam ?

  • No use of solvent
  • Possible to pentrate thick films
  • Improves the sheer, heat and chemical resistance of pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Preserve barrier properties of films
  • Provides corrosion protection for metal layers
  • Improves stain, scratch and solvent resistance
  • Superior in curing of pigmented and filled coatings
  • Penetrates opaque materials (i.e. magnetic media and abrasive binders)
  • Instant bonding
  • Effective curing of underlying adhesive layers
  • Pattern printing of adhesives and films


Where is EB used?
EB is used on printing presses, coating and laminating lines, coil coating lines, and a variety of specialty applications.

  • Crosslinking of films, i.e. heat shrinkable films and modification of physical and termal properties
  • Crosslinking of pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Direct and transfer coating
  • Adhesive laminating
  • Backside or topside embossing
  • Metal production and processing lines
  • Process furnaces
  • Coil coating lines
  • Material converting within packaging material, labels, unprinted rolls, and sheets
  • Curing adhesives
  • Food packaging printing
  • Crosslinking of plastics
  • Extruding plastics
  • Winding plastics
  • Slitting plastics
  • Processing shrink films