WoodCure now at Junckers

Junckers Industrier wins with Woodcure

The installation of new UV lamp houses from Efsen Engineering turned into a win-win situation for the well known floor manufacturer: Curing of the lacquer, which is important for the lifetime of the floors, were improved significant and the energy level was reduced by half.

What do you do when curing of the lacquer requires too many UV lamps and therefore is inconvenient in production with too much heat, a large sanding paper consumption and a high energy level?

Read more in the article which at this point is available in German, Danish and Swedish. An English version will follow soon. Follow the links below to read the articles.

Opgradering af UV-Lamper hos Junckers Industrier
Neue UV-Lampen für die Fa. Junckers Industrier
Uppgradering av UV-lampor hos Junckers Industrier
UV Lamp upgrade at Junckers Industrier A/S

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WoodCure now at Junckers
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