Vela 6UP Cathether Chamber

The Vela Lab Catheter 6UP chamber is ideal for developing coatings and testing catheter curing. The chamber fits a Heraeus Noblelight Fusion UV system like F300 or LH6 perfectly and cures up to 6 catheters at a time with a length up to 500mm.

Dose control as well as irradiance choke make it possible to specify at which irradiance (mW/cm2) with which dose (mJ/cm2) the part has to be cured. Then the Vela ControlCure software monitors and controls the time of exposure until settings are reached.

Since every setting is fixed and uniformity of up to 95% is reached in the 6UP Standard chamber, it is directly upscalable to a production unit with hundreds of catheters in.

Vela Lab Catheter-1

Vela Lab Catheter-CTU Front w_o bg

Vela Lab Catheter-VELACURE3D-4 w.o bg