Vela Technologies

Vela Technologies provides complete engineered systems for your UV curing production lines using their proprietary VelaCure 3D™ photo-induction chamber. Vela Technology irradiate your objects with uniformity of greater than 95% on all surfaces and supply a greater amount of UV with less IR content than present technologies. This provides you with a more consistent cure and a finished coating with better properties, such as adhesion, hardness, and gloss, using your present chemical formulations.

The Vela Technology is a unique approach to getting high uniform UV curing of products with easy upscaling from R&D to production as well as high repeatability in the production process.

  • Part to be cured is placed in a highly reflective chamber
  • UV light completely surrounds part
  • All part surfaces are treated and cured simultaneously
  • Vela Cure 3D decouples exposure geometry from lamp geometry. All UV rays come from diffuse reflections off the chamber walls.

Most solutions are custom made to cure a specific solution optimally. Please get inspiration on the following pages or contact us for a discussion on how your company’s Vela solution would be.

Efsen represent Vela Technologies in Europe. We have demo equipment available for test at Efsen or on site.