BJS Czech s.r.o chooses W-LED with ICAD® for their latest UV LED installation

As one of the pioneers using UV LED for furniture manufacturing, BJS knows what to look for in a UV LED system. EFSEN’s proprietary ICAD® Technology was a critical point in this decision for one of the largest producers of furniture in the Czech Republic, BJS.

Having to exchange an old LED system, BJS evaluated various solutions and decided for EFSEN’s unique fully integrated W-LED with ICAD® Inside. BJS is very focused on optimizing production and increasing quality. The ICAD® Technology will help BJS in doing so, as it continuously monitors and adjusts the full width of the UV LED. This is performed, automatically during production, without operators spending time controlling the W-LED.

Long lifetime and optimal investment

The air-cooled W-LED system gave a positive experience where the output of W-LED was more than twice that their current water-cooled systems. This promises a long lifetime and hence an optimal investment. It is one step further in the direction of intelligent UV lines that will increase the quality of the products they supply.

At EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY we are proud that BJS have chosen W-LED. For us this is a huge quality stamp of our W-LED product. Read more about W-LED with ICAD® inside.

Contact us at EFSEN to learn what the ICAD® Technology can do for your UV LED process.

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