LED-R® Series Radiometer

The LED-R® Series of Radiometers from EIT comprises a new family of radiometers designed specifically to measure the energy generated by UV LED systems. The optics and instrument response have been engineered specifically for UV LEDs. The first product released in the LED-R Series is the EIT LEDCure® featuring a L395 response with a near rectangular response from 370-420 nm. The instrument response is the total measured optics response and not just the response of the filter. Users can expect more consistent readings run to run, unit to unit and source to source with the EIT design.

Will be available in different LED specific response bands (L-band)

  • L365 Spectral Response covers 340-392 nm
  • L385 Spectral Response covers 360-412 nm
  • L395 Spectral Response covers 370-422 nm
  • L405 Spectral Response covers 380-432 nm

The LEDCure is available in both Profiling and Non-Profiling versions. Profiler version, comes with a software (PowerView II) that enables to download measurement to a computer for further analysis.


  • Easy to Use - Single Button for On/Off and Run makes it easy to collect and view data
  • Non-profiling or Profiling instruments - The Irradiance (W/cm2), Energy Density (J/cm2) and Irradiance Profile (Watts/cm2 as a function of time) are available on the Display
  • Provides user selectable instrument default modes for data analysis and comparison, screen, and operational settings
  • A graph illustrating the collected UV irradiance and energy is displayed on the instrument