The UV lamp for the wood industry with Optimum Curing Performance

EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY has developed the optimal UV system for the wood industry. With the performance and user in focus WoodCure offers highest intensity, best uniformity, longest lifetime of bulb and reflector and fast and easy maintenance. Furthermore, it is easy to retrofit and often enables customers to use less UV system than they currently do.

High intensity – the key to good curing

Our WoodCure enables UV at a higher irradiance/peak than other systems. This enables longer lifetime of bulbs as well as better curing on the edges. On the right chart you see the values at conventional 80W/cm & 120W/cm systems with Hg and Ga lamps.

Advantages of EFSEN WoodCure

  • Robust design, with air-handling made for dirty and dusty environments.
  • Fast and easy maintenance, for more production efficiency.
  • Low standby power to save energy.
  • Unique cooling system offers improved curing on edges, for better quality and less wasted production.
  • Can work with existing power supply and cable for a cheap and simple UV upgrade.