Photonic Detectors

Efsen provide a wide variety of photonic detectors from Excelitas, ranging from Photon Counting Modules to Silicon Detectors and InGaAs Detectors. These photon detection technologies are addressing both high-performance and high-volume applications, like smoke detectors or ambient light detection.

An overview of the different products are outlined below, and to learn more and find the component you need, please download the “Photonics Detection Catalog” here or feel free to contact Efsen for more information on how we can help you and your product.

  • Avalanche Photodiodes
  • Photodiodes and Phototransistors
  • Silicon Photomultipliers
  • Low Light Level Detection analytical modules
  • Single Photon counting modules
  • Analog Optoisolators and Optocouplers
  • Infrared Switches
  • Photocells

photonic detectors

Photonic Detector